Architetto Paola Mascherini


“The beauty of architecture is that you can walk in your dreams” H. Wagoner


Architecture makes dreams come true. The reality in which it manifests itself is made up of functional needs, of rules and regulations to keep, of more and more specialized planning and building technologies, of environment and background to relate to; but every achievement is the result of a creative act; dreams must come true. Architecture is, then, the art of shaping the space we live in, and, as such, it is the most important mediator between man and his environment : it is seeking integration with the context and respecting the "place" absorbing in the mind the underlying structure of the “genius loci” and holding a dialogue even in the act of transformation.



“Colour, above all, perhaps even more than drawing, is a liberation” H. Matisse


The use of colour can be particularly effective in a kind of architecture that can go further on in meeting the need of good quality life within one's environment. Colour interacts with the human soul either nourishing or impoverishing it, depending on how man relates to it. Several studies have proved that there is a relation between colour and soul; colours radiate energy and are characterized by frequencies that can influence our body in a positive or negative way. Therefore colours do not only express particular states of mind but can also influence them, to the extent of becoming therapeutic and contributing to our well-being. Our home, our workplace, the place where we study or carry out our activities shouldn't just be spaces to stay in, they must become places where we can be ourselves and live in a free and creative way, places where the use of colour allows us to create an architecture made for man in his complex psycho-physical integrity; an architecture that speaks to the soul through the frequencies of colours.



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